Squashed  scupltures

Asintotica o Apophis 2036


Museo Nazionale d'Abruzzo 2008

event curator Anna Imponente

conference Eugenio Coccia

video effects ARTEPOINT  Paolo Mancini

Press Release Giovanna Pipari




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The force of gravity is the first force of the Nature known by the human being and for many reasons still the most mysterious one. It is the weakest one among the known forces but it is omnipresent and it guides the forming of the stars, of the galaxies and of the very structure of the Universe.

If you watch the past you can observe that the tragic experiences of life, seen from the point of view of the weakest ones, from those that undergo life,  generated in Donatello’s relieves some pressed figures, dramatically compressed and flattened in a narrow place. The Humanism ideals crisis nourished the formal dissolution of the same protagonists of Christianity that anyway organized the prospectical construction in a certain space, objective, rationally defined.